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The Moon Manual Workbook

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By Quinn K. Dyer & Morgan V. Fay

The moon's cycles affect our magick as much as they affect the tides. In our book, the Moon Manual, we explain how our magickal workings can be planned according to lunar cycles, and how the zodiac influences those lunar energies. 

This workbook is intended to help expand that understanding in order to write, plan & perform rituals in accordance with those energies. In this workbook, you will find ritual planning worksheets, tarot spreads, journal prompts, affirmations, and ample room for notes, coloring, and doodles.

Please keep in mind, shipping directly from the printer adds a processing time of 7-10 days! 

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Get a deeper understanding of the moon's cycles with our new workbook! Featuring ritual planning pages, tarot spreads, and more!

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