Valerian Root Tincture

We're excited to test this freshly made tincture of valerian root in the hopes that it might help our and even some of our loved ones' ADHD; we're a neurodiverse bunch. I came across this study done almost 10 years ago that shows how certain herbal extracts, like lemon balm and valerian root, can help with focus, hyperactivity, and concentration, so we had to experiment! 

This is our first go, using only valerian root, distilled water and vegetable glycerin. We simply filled a mason jar with an inch or so of dried, chopped valerian root. Then, we mixed together 3-parts vegetable glycerin and 1-part distilled water,  poured it in the jar over top the root, and sealed the lid tightly. 

We also thought this was a great day to make this tincture, as the Gemini moon is great for medicinal endeavors and Gemini also rules thought. And we drew in the energy of the waning moon in the hopes it would help banish those negative ADHD symptoms! 

Now we just have to wait a month, shaking the mixture everyday, until its finished! Then we will strain the root out and bottle the liquid!

Remember if you're doing this yourself to be respectful of your body and to check in with a doctor to be sure you don't have any medications that would react dangerously. 

If you are interested, you can read the study here:

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