Book Review | The Night School

Okay, so first things first, the aesthetic of this book/journal/deck combo is just spot on. The illustrations by Lucille Clerc are stunning and the design is beautiful and inviting. 

What's even better is when that aesthetic has the goods behind it. And the Night School does. While much of the information is familiar to a seasoned practitioner — my biggest problem with many metaphysical books is how repetitive they can feel — The Night School still has many activities that can help expand your understanding of an already familiar topic. Set up like a text book, The Night School offers lessons, homework, and entire guided journal. I've skipped around quite a bit since beginning my read, but the flow of the book didn't impede me from doing so. I was able to dabble with the portions I was most interested in and felt pertained to my craft the most!

I also have really been enjoying the inclusion of the deck of cards as an alternative method of organizing the information in the book. I love having things to pin up on my corkboard that relate to the current magickal energies, and these cards give me a great new addition to it.


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