Roots of Herbalism

This weekend Morgan and I were able to attend the Orlando School of Holistic Living's Roots of Herbalism Class. While we both were already using some of these practices, it was incredibly validating to find mentors that confirmed so many of them. Not only did we learn about numerous new healing plants, but also new to work with plants we already loved!
Here are two simple recipes that we were excited to make for the first time, fire cider and sun tea!

Fire Cider


Fire cider an herbal tincture that is a traditional herbal remedy for colds. It helps boost the immune system with an array of warming herbs. My fire cider included ginger, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Recipes also use onion, horseradish, turmeric, lemon, and more! The exact ingredients are totally up to you as there are many beneficial herbs that can be incorporated and many different recipes to follow!
All you need to do is fill your jar half way with herbs and fill the jar with apple cider vinegar. The jar should be sealed and labelled. Vinegar will eat through metal mason jar lid, hence the parchment paper barrier in the photo!
Over the next 6 weeks, the jar needs to be shake once a day and stored in a cool, dry, dark place until the cider is ready! Honey can be added to taste as well!

Sun Tea


Early in the day on Sunday we filled jars about 1/2 way with a combo of herbs that appealed to us, and then topped them off with water before sealing & labelling the jars. Morgan used elderberry, hibiscus, chamomile & mint in her blend.
Then we set our jars in a bright sunny spot and let the bright Florida sun heat the water throughout the day to make our tea!
After soaking in the sun for the day, the brew is ready. It can be sipped on that evening or the next day, but it needs to be dumped if it sits any longer than that.

Of course...

those 2 recipes are just a drop in the bucket when I think of everything I was able to learn from this class! I know I'll be spending the next few months practicing my tincture & salve making until I can get to the next class!
If you're interested at all in learning to use plants to improve you life & your health I highly recommend the School of Holistic Living's Roots of Herbalism class. But if you aren't a Floridian, their YouTube channel has some great videos featuring my amazing teacher, Maggie, on working with plants as well!

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