Making Eclipse Water on the Scorpio Full Moon

Making Moon Water is easy..

just fill a container with water & let it charge! I use an etched glass bottle made specially for my moon water (we have several available in our shop!), but even a tupperware container will work! For years I just used whatever mason jar happened to be hand. I do recommend smoke cleansing your container before use though; incense sticks work great for slim bottle necks.
Personally, I love using rain water for my moon water, but if you're planning on later drinking your moon water, make sure you are using a safe source. This time I was super lucky — yesterday before there was an afternoon thunderstorm and I was able to collect some to charge!
Your ritual to prepare your jar & water for charging can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Cleanse, cast a circle, infuse your water with your intentions, or call down your personal deity to bless your work. It's completely up to you! I usually just cleanse my container & set a specific intention, a purpose I will be using it for, for that moon water before setting it out.

The moon in Scorpio is...

intense. Full moons can bring heightened emotions as well as intuition, and that is especially true when the full moon is in Scorpio.
This sign is good for spellwork involving transformation, rebirth, secrets, intimacy, sex, dreaming, or divination. And because Scorpio is ruled by the element of water, incorporating the element into your workings is a fantastic idea — which is why I made moon water!

Eclipses are especially powerful..

and there are many who advocate not casting or performing any rituals during an eclipse, but that is really up to the practitioner. And honestly, I've only heard it brought up in the last couple of years. Of course, one should take caution during any ritual or magickal working. But in my opinion, eclipses are extremely powerful events with potent energy to work with, and I certainly don't want to miss out on it!

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