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This year, once a month, we will be posting a featured a plant growing in our witch's garden, going over how we grow it and how we use it in our craft.

For our first feature, we chose rosemary, which is a remarkable easy plant to grow where we live in Florida (zone 9 if you're curious). In the summer, we get more than our fair share of rain and sunshine, and our soil is extremely sandy and well-draining. And honestly, we just leave it alone to do it's thing and just keep an eye out for pests. 

Rosemary is really easy to obtain to, being a common kitchen herb, and are very easy to propagate by cuttings. You just want to make sure the stem you clip is still green, and not woody. Take the stem and pinch off the leaves, leaving the top few. A clean cut is always best, if the outside layer of the stem peels, you leave it exposed to bacteria.

Place the stem in a container of water and make sure the leaves stay dry. Leave the container in a sunny spot and in a week or so you should see little white tendrils of the new roots beginning to grow. When they are long enough you can plant them, like above, though they will still require quite a bit of water. 

Rosemary can be used in numerous ways in your craft. Rosemary is one of my favorites for kitchen magick. It has cleansing and protective properties; mix with salt and sage to cast a protection circle. 

Rosemary helps to focus energy and help you to think clearly. It also can be used in dream work to help remember dreams more clearly, as it is known to stimulate the memory. 

Rosemary is a great addition to a purification or protection bath. We love making and using bath bombs with dried herbs from our garden! We have a recipe you can find in our book too. But we do have bath bombs listed here if you don't have time or don't want to make your own.

Another feature we look forward to sharing with y'all will be a monthly review of a book we love, both fiction and metaphysical works — although the fiction titles will pertain to witchcraft or paganism. So stay on the lookout!


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Hello, I’ve seen that rosemary or lavender can be used as a stand-in in rituals if you’re missing something. How are these stand-ins determined? Does it all depend on the type of spell you’re trying to cast? Or is it so flexible that it’s a great coverall? Love your Instagram!


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