Bath Bomb Magick


I’m one of those witches that would prefer to always be casting naked and outside, underneath the moon. But unfortunately that luxury isn’t always available; at least not without the risk of the neighbors calling the cops. Nudity is one of the reasons why bathing is an integral part of my rituals. Stripping down breaks us away from the everyday and leaves us in a state of vulnerability.

Behind a locked door, surrounded by steam with the shower curtain drawn, we can step into another world. The bathroom is a sanctuary and the seclusion it provides is key to focusing. But the element of water is also a strong tool to use to amplify spellcasting. I find this to be particularly true when the moon sits in a water sign; Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer.

Bathing before a ritual cleanses the mind, body, and soul. It allows us to meditate and let the mundane be washed away. We can unburden our bodies. Muscles relaxing in the hot water and herbs; this lends itself to the trance-state. To lay back and let your mind empty; to let it fill with your intentions.

Before the start of any ritual, a basic bath for purification and protection can be drawn. However, each bath can be tailored to your spell’s intentions or to the moon phase and zodiac. An entire ritual can be performed, submerged.

Crystals, candles, essential oils, herbs, salts, glitter, or honey can all be implemented for a magical soak. Dyes can even be added for color correspondences.

I recommend always adding a couple handfuls of salts for protection and purification. Sea salts are my favorite for ritual use. While Epsom salts are my favorite for bathing. They help purify toxins from the body and banish aches and pains that can get in the way of achieving a trance state. Be wary of added chemicals and fragrances when buying Epsom salts; always double check to make sure of what you’re buying.

Herbal infusions are a simple, yet powerful way to infuse your bath with potent magical energies. They can be made with fresh garden herbs, dried herbs from the pantry, or spare herbal tea bags. I always try to re-use my chamomile tea bags in the tub.

Lavender and rosemary are bathtime superstars, but many herbs can be used in combination with salts and essential oils. Use sage in a purification and protection bath. Or climb into a protective pre-ritual bath with mugwort, chamomile, and catnip to induce visions and the trance-state.

Mint and chamomile will help release stress and anxiety. A few sprigs of thyme, rosemary, and lavender ease joint pain and body aches. A symbolic soak with St. John's wort, lavender, and sunflowers can bolster confidence and dispel depression; letting all the bad vibes get sucked down the drain.

Bath bombs can make great pre-made spells. They are an easy way to bundle together potent magical ingredients to use for later.... and we just listed some in the shop today 💕

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